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General information regarding the application process 

Before starting the application process, please make sure that you fullfill all requirements and you understand how the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarship scheme works (nationality requirements, levels and types of mobility, target groups, fields of study, etc).

The application must be submitted online, i.e. no paper versions will be accepted. In order to complete your application, you must upload all the required documents. Therefore, make sure to have all necessary documents translated (if needed), scanned and uploaded.



Dear candidate please follow closely the following instructions


1. Application:
Once you have checked that you are eligible for a scholarship and know what program type, mobility level and study program you want to apply for, fill in the online application form, upload all necessary documents and close your application.



2. Evaluation by the home university:
After the application deadline, your application will be validated by your home university (Target Group 1) or the partner university representing your country of origin at the Advisory and Selection Committee (Target Group 2 and 3) regarding the eligibility criteria such as nationality, language proficiency, mandatory documents, etc. If your application is valid, it will be assessed according to the selection criteria indicated in our website. If your application were classified as not eligible, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision.


3. Evaluation by the host university:
Your application will be assessed by the host university according to the selection criteria established in this project. If your application were classified as not admissible, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision.


4. Selection:
The Advisory and Selection Committee will meet for the final selection of the ALRAKIS scholarships following the criteria of academic merit taking into account also cross-cutting requirements such as a balanced scholarship distribution among the partner universities, gender-balance and real participation of disadvantaged people. If your application were not selected for a scholarship and included in the reserve list, you will be informed about it. 


5. Validation by the host universities: The final selection result will be notified to the host universities. They should confirm the list of their (selected) candidates.


6. Notification of the award decision: All selected candidates and applicants included in the reserve list will be informed about the award decision by email. Selected candidates will have not more than 10 days to accept or reject the offered scholarship.


7. Visa procedures:
All selected candidates will receive a letter of invitation from the host institutions as well as the acceptance letter of the scholarship and the insurance policy from the main coordinator from the University of Goettingen. It is responsibility of the selected candidates to provide all necessary documents requested by the Embassies of the host university countries . Local coordinators from host institutions may provide assistance and information about what documents are required.
Please consider that we are sending only e-signed documents as original paper documents: If you need a paper version for your visa application, please print all received documents in color and in good quality.

8. Exact mobility period:
All nominated candidates will have to define their exact mobility dates together with their host university, according to the invitation or study periods:
- Exchange students should know, when the semester at their host university starts.
- PhD and Postdoc candidates should receive the invitation letter from the supervisor or inviting faculty.
- Full-time master students should receive all needed materials from their particular master program.

Please consider that ALRAKIS II is not providing any places for the full-time master programs: Full-time master candidates should apply for the particular master study programs of their choice directly at the same time, while applying for the ALRAKIS II scholarship!

9. Start of mobility:
After you will receive your visa, the main coordinator at the Univeristy of Goettingen will book flight tickets for you and renew (if needed) your insurance policy.

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