Frequently Asked Questions
When can I start my mobility?
All mobilities start in the Winter Semester 2015/2016. The start of mobility for academic staff is flexible.
Which fields of study are applicable?
ALRAKIS II is open to mobility in any field of study.
How can I find an appropriate study program?
You can find the study programs at the website of each partner university and apply for all study fields and study programs available at the universities of the consortium, although the mobility types are quite precisely defined. You can find the information about it at our website under “Available scholarships”, “Available scholarship duration” and “Study Programs”. However, consider that some study programs cannot accept EMA2 students (mostly for reasons of capacity and admission requirements).
Is the full-master program available only for TG3?
Yes. In order to be able to define your Target Group, please visit the section “Project Information”-“Target Groups”.
“Exchange” & “Full-time” – What does it mean?
The mobility type “Exchange” means that you are applying for the part-time study, being registered or enrolled at your home university.
The “Full-time” option means that you are applying for the full-time study program. In this case, you don’t need to be enrolled at you home university.
In ALRAKIS II only Non-European candidates from the Target Group 3 are eligible to apply for full-time MASTER programs (22 months), as stated in the website section “Available scholarship durations”. In this case, you are not only filling in the ALRAKIS II application form, but also you have to apply for the master study program of your choice directly by the study program or responsible faculty of the host university of your choice. Please consider the specific application dates for it.

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